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About Me

The Artist


"Always had a passion for Art, the foremost being painting; coupled with zeal for perfection. Painting for me is not just an Art, but a Way of Life"

Founder & Artist

My Journey

Art for me is a passion since childhood. Paintings using watercolour as a medium are my favourite and watercolours continues to challenge and invigorate me. My formal training in art started much later in 2014. I decided to start oil painting under the guidance of Mr. Ashok Kumar R (AKR School of Art, Bangalore, India) and later on with Mrs. Vidya.

Experimenting more with landscapes and real life, the journey of art started with watercolours. Continued in that comfort zone for many years until 2014 when I decided to switch to other mediums like Oil, Acrylic and Pencil Sketches. The mentoring by Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Vidya really helped in changing my perspective and approach; as a result, new images were born through conscious vision.

As my journey continues, I believe that “this world is but a canvas to our imagination”. How thoughtful and true was Henry David Thoreau!

Thanks for all the kind words and criticism; which has made me stronger, to face the challenges in this journey of life.

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